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Green building. It is an important consideration for just about any commercial building project. Incorporating green building materials into a new or existing commercial building can provide the owner and/or occupant with compelling environmental, economic, and health benefits.

The push for green materials is still a relatively new phenomenon in the commercial marketplace, and navigating the world of truly green products is not always easy.

Green building is defined by the International Interior Design Association as:

... any material or construction method which does not utilize non-renewable and/or non-recycled material or energy sources. Non-renewable materials are those which come from sources which, once depleted, are gone forever, such as petroleum, some minerals, and old-growth hardwoods.

Green also refers to systems which embody less energy in their manufacturing process or use less energy when in use.

Whether it is a closed-loop product that is almost 100% recycled, or a long lifecycle product, such as a woven carpet that is designed to last for up to 20 years, the experts at Executive Flooring Systems will assist you finding products that are truly green for your space.

USGBC - United States Green Building Council

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